Do you need applicant tracking system?

What is KG Applicant Tracking System ?

Applicant Tracking System which allows you to run Online Recruitment Process. A website that gives you convenience through facilities, starting from registration process, selection, up to the final announcement. All in one website.

Why KG Applicant Tracking System ?

Accountable Process

Human Resources are company’s main asset. Our Applicant Tracking System records and keeps the recruitment process fair and accountable.

Effective & efficient

Our online Applicant Tracking System is more effective than the conventional recruitment process. Not only wider range, you will need less allocation from both budget and labor since it is paperless. Plus, the process will be more efficient with the use of automation feature.

Applicants Data & Flexibility

Our online Applicant Tracking System provides you all data from the Applicants.The data that you get can be used as a talent pool for your company so that you can do the selection process whenever your company needs it.

Fitur & Keunggulan

KG Applicant Tracking System presents you with the following excellent features:

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