e-Recruitment Software

Customizable online recruitment system

Why Choose Komunigrafik e-Recruitment System?

We Developed online e-Recruitment system that you can install in your own server integrated into your company website.
Our integration and development team can help you customize the software.
With our pre-built module you can save time and cost, also guaranteed to get a tested & proven software.


Complete Cycle of Recruitment Process

From posting the jobs to selection process, our software give complete experience for your applicants and the HR team

  • Job posting with custom categorization
  • Applicant database management
  • Applicant status tracking
  • Recruitment reports

Self-hosted and customizable

Our integration & development team will assist you to custom the software based on your needs

  • Customizable interface design
  • Self-hosted in your company server
  • No monthly subscription required
  • Data confidentiality protected on your own server
  • Developed using commonly used programming language
  • Forget about years of high-cost development process

Automated Process

Our system will help you automated recruitment process and help you focus on potential candidates

  • Automatic selection process based on defined criteria
  • Online test for candidates
  • Automated reminder and notifications